How To Prepare For Your Positive Birth

It's time to stop worrying about your birth experience and be ready...*really* ready.

Join me in a growing community and take the first step towards a Positive Birth

Let me share with you the real and effective ways that I and my clients have used to guarantee a positive birth experience!  

Founded by former Birth Doula turned Birth Preparation Strategist & Maternity Consumer Advocate

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In the community and mini weekly workshops you will ...

  • Learn powerful and effective way's to start enjoying your pregnancy today
  • Discover the one secret to effective birth preparation that you will not hear from your care-provider or birth education class — this alone can change your birth experience for the better!
  • Understand how your personality traits and values can cripple your chances of having a positive birth experience and what to do to ensure it doesn't happen to you!
  • Be shown the the little known key's for taking complete control of your birth experience TODAY.
  • Uncover the biggest mistake 95% of women make when preparing for birth. 

This workshop is for you if;

  • Your birth is important to you
  • You do not want to experience a bad birth (again!)
  • You have read the books, listened to podcasts & maybe even a birth education class - or maybe you have done none of that -  either way, you just don't feel ready or prepared for birth
  • You are ready and open to hear the truth about what real birth preparation looks like and take action
  • You aren't just looking for another free resource or information you'd get from a quick search on google or YouTube - psssstt, those things won't prevent you from a bad birth.

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