It's time to stop worrying or feeling overwhelmed about your birth...

It's time to start being confident and ready

  • You are feeling worried about your birth and the 'unknown'
  • You are scared of how you will cope with labour and the 'pain'
  • You are feeling overwhelmed with an overload of information, not knowing what is right for you.
  • You are struggling to know where to start or what to even do
  • You find yourself 'googling' or asking all the questions in your Facebook due in group...but are these the right questions or are you getting the right information?
  • You’ve given birth before and the experience was not what you hoped it would be
  • Or, this will be your first birth and you’ve listened to friends and/or family describe less than desirable or traumatic birth experiences and you're determined you’ll not have that same experience.

Your Birth experience is important to you

You want an Empowering and Positive Birth

Introducing the BetterBirth Ultimate Resource Hub...

Get access to the BetterBirth Ultimate Resource Hub to help you physically and mentally prepare for your birth.

Let me share with you the real and practical information and skills that I and my clients have used to better prepare for a positive birth experience. 

No need to spend your time 'googling' , it's all here in the one easy to access hub - saving you time and energy!

Founded by former Birth Doula turned Birth Preparation Strategist & Maternity Consumer Advocate

As seen in

Immediate access for $27!


In this exclusive and interactive hub you will get access to...

  • Natural Birth Workshop with all you need to know about what *really* preparing for a natural birth means. PLUS discover what most other birth education program’s miss when talking about a 'natural birth'.
  • Birth Positions & Natural Pain Relief Guide. Learn how birth positions and natural coping techniques can improve your birth experience. Practical information and skills you can practice today, well before labour even starts.
  • Fear of Birth Workshop is a must watch (if it is the ONLY thing you do for your birth preparation), discover how to break free of fear and really prepare for a positive birth.
  • Birth Impacts Guide. Discover what things can impact your birth and use this guide to make confident (and better!) decisions for your birth.
  • Positive Mindset Preparation Workshop to help you delve deeper into what is really blocking you from having a positive mindset and what you can do to stay positive. PLUS daily mindset pep talks you can listen to at any time you need a pick me up.
  • Labour & Birth Basics. Unpack hormones, physiological birth, pre-labour, early labour, active labour, transition & birthing your baby, because if you don’t have any idea what early labour might look or feel like, or what to physiologically expect, you just can't make the right decisions for your birth or prepare effectively
  • Essential Checklists for you & baby. No need to google what you need, use my tried and tested lists
  • Printable Birth Affirmations to help you stay focused and ready for birth

PLUS common questions most women have during pregnancy and birth covered in dedicated recorded workshops. Some of the topics covered are;

  • Fear of giving birth
  • Positive Mindset
  • Birth Support
  • Birth Tools 
  • Communication
  • Care-providers
  • VBAC
  • Induction
  • Pregnancy and Birth 'complications'
  • Birth Types
  • Birth Choices
  • Preparing for the 'unknown'

Join now for a one time fee of $27!

What an empowering experience that I will never forget!

Lauren Dounst

What an empowering experience that I will never forget! Peta I can't Thank you enough for creating this space for us women you empowered me so much, and your words helped me through the entire way! 

This online hub is for you if;

  • You are feeling worried or overwhelmed about your birth
  • You are scared to give birth
  • You are a first time mum or have given birth before
  • Your birth is important to you
  • You want to be prepared and ready
  • You don't want to spend hours searching the internet for all you need to know 
  • You are ready to get the practical information and skills AND are open to truth about what real birth preparation looks like and take action

Join now for a one time fee of $27

How would your pregnancy and birth be different if you could...

CONFIDENTLY know the tools and techniques to support you leading up to, during and after birth

Know EXACTLY how to remove fear from your birth preparation

STOP spending hours upon hours scrolling the internet trying to find the right information and resources.

You deserve to have a positive birth experience.



100% money back-Guarantee.

If, for any reason, you don't like this amazing resource hub you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. 

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